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About us

Code Factory is a global, cloud services provider delivering best-in-class performance and topmost value to companies around the globe.

CEO & DevOps Engineer

Zoltan Vigh

Mr Zoltan Vigh is the CEO and Co-founder of Code Factory.
He is a committed and deeply engaged leader. Mr Vigh has been managing Linux and BSD servers for over two decades. He has been the Chief Organizer of "Virtualization Day" since 2008, which is the biggest virtualization conference in Hungary till date. He has also been in charge of the Slackware Hungary webpage and community since 2004. Specialties: Linux (Red Hat), BSD, virtualization (XEN, KVM, XENServer), programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C/C++, Bash, Perl, Python).

Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer

Zoltan Kadlecsik

Mr Zoltan Kadlecsik is a Co-founder of Code Factory.
He is a seasoned professional and a highly skilled Senior Software Engineer. Mr Kadlecsik has over a decade of experience in design, implementation and testing. He possesses extensive experience in JAVA/JEE solutions for the financial, telecommunication and consumer services sector. He graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) along with several other acquired professional certifications. Mr Kadlecsik has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Agile methodologies, and has been involved in numerous Scrum-based projects as a Scrum master.

Co-Founder & Front-End Engineer

Abraham Szilagyi

Mr Abraham Szilagyi is also Co-founder of Code Factory.
He is a progressive, forward thinking and dynamic professional. Mr Szilagyi has vast experience in a wide variety of programming languages, from hardware programming to frond-end development. Mr Szilagyi also has profound experience working with Android, PHP, Python, Java, Big Data technologies, Angular 2, Polymer and Vue.js. He has worked on several successful international and start up projects.

Success Stories

“Our partnership with Code Factory has accelerated our business and IT operations. Utilizing Code Factory's innovative cloud services, we have been able to respond to fast-changing market demands faster than ever before, which has enabled us to meet the diverse needs of our clients and yet manage our projects effectively. The level of service was of the highest grade. We are glad that we made the right decision to operate in the cloud, making us more resourceful.”

Giddel Edwin-Uzoaga - Director of Innovation & Strategy
GUA Group

“The guys from Code Factory form the best team possible, whom you can work with, if it's about informatics. The three founders are experts of their fields, and they work more effectively as an accustomed team. Working with the team has helped us grow immensely.”

Csenger Szabo - CEO

Why move to the cloud?

Migration to the cloud does not only help reduce cost and improve efficiency, but also helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing agility and reducing IT complexity.

We provide innovation-led proven solutions for companies to deliver resourceful digital transformations.

Using our services you can speedily provision infrastructure and apps, increase scalability, speed, improve efficiency through automation and virtualization, and reduce costs. Our cloud solutions provide simplicity, security, governance, and control to support your IT and business needs.
Our offerings range from computing, network, storage, migration and backup to software like DevOps and database.

Tailor your cloud to fit your unique needs and transform your IT resources into vital business drivers.

Discover how our cloud solutions can help you meet your IT goals and solve common business challenges.






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